Materials Tech 1 - Customer Fulfillment, Shipping

RTI Surgical
Job Description
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The Materials Tech 1 position at RTI represents an entry level function.  Employees will develop technical skills in their assigned areas, an understanding of the rules and regulations that RTI administers, and the basic operating approach at RTI including: reading, understanding, and following work instructions; working in a team environment; and learning to work with minimal supervision. 



  • Performs daily activities in accordance with applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WIs) 
  • Electronic transaction of inventory utilizing computer systems. 
  • Package finished product for shipping (shrink wrapping, boxing, labeling etc.) according to work instructions and procedures 
  • Manage and enter all shipping transactions to national and international customers via computerized operating systems including SAP, UPS and Federal Express 
  • Conduct quality inspection to ensure product meets all requirements and standards prior to shipping. 
  • Accurate Inventory management 
  • Manage the movement and documentation of products in and/or out of the country in accordance with organizational policy and procedure, and to comply with relevant local, country and international law and process 
  • Maintain warehouse inventory accuracy utilizing FIFO methodology 
  • Accurately completes paperwork and performs data entry in accordance with Good Documentation Practices 
  • Performs cycle count activities in accordance with SOP’s 
  • Assists in the review and update of SOP’s, work instructions and procedures 
  • Performs duties to support key annual performance metrics for operations 
  • Participate in continuous improvement activities in team meetings and other formal and informal settings 



  • HS diploma or equivalent required 

  • Previous experience with material handling equipment preferred  



Controlled biomedical manufacturing environment. This position requires the use of personal protective equipment during various tasks/activities including but not limited to scrubs, gloves, masks and safety glasses. 


This position may require the use of personal protective equipment during various tasks/activities including but not limited to, gloves, masks and safety glasses.

List activity requirements and percentage of time:  KEY:  Not at all (0%), Occasional (1-33%), Frequent (34-66%), Constant (67-100%)

Climbing:    Not at all (0%)                      Bending: Occasional (1-33%)                                              Kneeling/Crawling with force:    Not at all (0%)                

Pulling: Occasional (1-33%)                   Reaching Above Head: Occasional (1-33%)                       Twisting at waist: Occasional (1-33%)

Lift above shoulders: Occasional (1-33%)                                                                                           Lift from floor level: Occasional (1-33%)                

Physical Requirements:

(Also, see requirements identified in the “Operations Competency Descriptors & Specific Job Requirements” Form)

 Perform repetitive tasks/motions                                  Have good manual dexterity         ☒ Ability to handle up to 50lbs

 Have good eye/hand/foot coordination                       Hear alarms/telephone/normal voice                           Have Clarity of Vision                

 Near Acuity (Clarity of vision at 20 inches or less)    Far Acuity (Clarity of vision at 20 feet or more)          Distinguish colors

WORKING CONDITIONS: Biomedical manufacturing environment.  Potential hazards include exposure to:

Hazardous chemicals:  Occasional (1-33%)                                         Blood or body fluids:  Occasional (1-33%)

Extreme conditions, hot or cold:  Not at all (0%)                                 Communicable diseases:  Occasional (1-33%)

Saw Blades, scissors or other sharp objects:  Frequent (34-66%)    Unprotected heights:  Not at all (0%)

Moving mechanical parts:  Occasional (1-33%)                                   Latex exposure:  Frequent (34-66%)     

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