Ballatore Strength

  • Health - Club
220 NW 8th Ave, Suite 90
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 780-7375
6am - 7pm
  • About

    Ballatore Strength is a gym for people who know they need to get healthier and stronger by doing resistance training, but aren't familiar with how to properly perform barbell strength lifts or feel intimidated trying to lift alone! We create personalize programs for every member who joins our gym, and we do so by taking them through an introduction workout where the focus is on learning proper biomechanics for barbell lifts, ensure that they're feeling the correct muscles supposed to be used, and help them work through a full range of motion safely!

    Once you're a member, you will have a personal trainer available at every group class so there is always someone to spot you, ensure you're using proper form and reaching a full range of motion, help you with any programming questions, and provide encouragement and support! Ballatore Strength is the best gym for Gainesville!

  • Directions

    220 NW 8th Ave Suite 90 Gainesville, FL 32601